"True peace  is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of  justice." 

Martin Luther King, Jr.



If you don't like being watched, then you may want to think again. . . Welcome to Space Station Cyrga. The Federations primary hub in the Delta Quadrant, which left unattended for so long as drifted back into factions and fighting. The locals are restless and Cyrga stands, a guardian ever present in their line of sight. Get rid of it and all bets are off as to who will get control of the quadrant....but wait, someone's coming. . . .

Fleet Admiral  Cerywyn has had a long relationship with Starfleet and with the Federation that dates back further than some care to think about, her life so far spanning 448 Earth years. Before joining Starfleet, she served the El Auran high council until her homeworld was viciously and violently attacked by the Borg. Were it not for the few El Aurans scattered about the race would be extinct.

Having recently been dramatically pulled away from her assignment as Fleet Admiral in command of  Versailles and Starfleet's Operations in that area to find herself thrust back into service with Starlfeet's and the Federation's secretive intelligence gathering operations. She hadn't had time to make proper good byes and just as suddenly the operation is wrapping up and *they* have to find some where to put her. . .

Her full bio can be found here


For the quality of simming and the calibre of our crew, Starbase Versailles was awarded the Andrew Bergen award 240906.04

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